Trade Shows

With more than 28 year of experience in running press operations for trade shows, Riemer Communications has proven success in attracting media attention to events and arranging interviews, media appointments and press conferences, securing coverage in show dailies and nominations for show awards.

As the Public Relations Representative for trade shows, Riemer Communications we will work with the media to provide details about the event in print, online and through social media. Our programs, include:

  • Writing of monthly press releases/announcements for the event. Suggested topics include
    1. Calendar Listing
    2. Registration Letter – sent via email and mail with brochure
    3. Conference Sessions/Keynote Speakers
    4. New Exhibitors and Pavilions
    5. New Products and Services
    6. Local Business Story
    7. Daily Releases from the Show
    8. Post event recap
  • Integrating social media into the PR campaign by posting fresh content and all press releases to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn on a regular basis.
  • Updating targeted media list to include industry trades, vertical publications and general business media outlets as well as in appropriate blogs.
  • Working with the industry trades and top business media to secure coverage
  • Giving reporters fresh content for their articles
  • Planning a webinar for exhibitors to review all marketing opportunities available to them and encourage exhibitors to make news announcements. Provide Exhibitor PR Guide and Tips Kit; Gather information from exhibitors on new products and provide info on how to share with the media and offer assistance on promoting press conferences.
  • Raising the level of awareness about exhibitors, sponsors, content and speakers
  • Enhancing on-site attendance by the media and overall coverage of the shows
  • Reviewing media partnerships and securing editorial coverage in each magazine
  • Creating key messaging for interviews – strategy for securing coverage in more specialized publications
  • Participating in team meetings to discussing marketing goals to expand upon the PR strategy
  • Registering press for the event, distributing list to exhibitors and sending confirmation letters.
  • Running on-site press room at the event.
  • Outreach to local media for television and newspaper interviews.
  • Providing recap at post event meeting